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Basler de Roca

Roger Basler de Roca, renowned digital entrepreneur, author and Top 100 speaker and trainer, is the creative mind and founding member of our education alliance in German-speaking countries.


For over 25 years, Roger has immersed himself in the world of digital innovation with unbridled passion. His expertise spans a variety of areas, with artificial intelligence and algorithms being among his particular favorites.


As an experienced expert in the field of digital start-ups and the growth model through educational consulting, Roger brings a unique perspective and dynamism to Edu-Ai-lliance.

"Education is not only the key, but a fundamental building block for positively shaping the future."    



His vision and mission are deeply rooted in the belief that artificial intelligence can be used as a tool for education and personal development to bring about sustainable ethical change.     As a founding member of the "Edu-Ai-lliance", Roger is committed to building a community that inspires teachers, lecturers and schools to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in education.      His vision for the future goes beyond technology, as he firmly believes that a trusting community of individual actions can change the world for good.



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