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Our Events

Innovative learning
for the future

Don't miss the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, make contacts and help shape the future of education. 



We look forward to welcoming you to our "Edu-AI events"!

Virtual inspiration, real knowledge

Date: Spring 2025

Location: Online (virtual conference)

Programme: workshops, keynotes,

panel discussions

Participation: free of charge, registration open

Immerse yourself in the world of artificial intelligence and education and visit our "AI-Edu-Conference". This online event offers a unique platform for knowledge exchange and interactive learning. With a variety of workshops, inspiring keynotes and panel discussions, we explore the role of AI in education together. Discover innovative approaches, exchange ideas with experts and help shape the future of education. The "AI-Edu-Conference" takes place online every six months and is open to all education enthusiasts.

Creating connections,
shaping the future

Date: Autumn 2024

Location: Offline (physical meeting at different locations)

Programme: Networking events, interactive sessions, guest speakers

Participation: Registration required, limited number of participants

The "AI-Edu-Summit" is our annual highlight, a physical meeting that combines innovation, networking and inspiration. We offer a stage for interactive sessions, guest speakers and networking events at various locations in German-speaking countries. This is where visionaries, educators, researchers and decision-makers come together to explore the latest developments in AI education. Take part in hands-on workshops, be inspired by ground-breaking ideas and shape the future of education at this unique, face-to-face event. Participation in the "AI-Edu-Summit" requires prior registration as places are limited.

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