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Change through trust: focus on the motto of the Edu-Ai-lliance

Change is inevitable and is driven by trust in artificial intelligence. The Edu-Ai-Lliance has dedicated itself to precisely this motto. In Germany, 78% of companies already use artificial intelligence to access data and statistics and use them for their business, according to a survey by Statista. By trusting this technology, we can take full advantage of AI and enter an exciting future.


The importance of trust in artificial intelligence is a key issue that is particularly emphasized in our Edu-Ai-Lliance organization for change. Because only if people have trust in artificial intelligence will they be able to use this technology optimally. However, according to a survey by Statista, only 45% of Germans fully trust algorithms and systems. There is therefore still a need for action to strengthen trust in artificial intelligence and fully exploit its potential.

We have therefore developed clear principles of trust to ensure that ethical standards are adhered to in the development of AI solutions and that the well-being of people is our top priority. Personalized learning programs can be used to support students individually and significantly i n c r e a s e their learning success. AI also offers new opportunities in research and development to solve complex problems and find innovative solutions.

Through continuous further development, even more people should be able to benefit from the advantages of artificial intelligence. The transformative power of change through trust will thus be strengthened further and further.


Our initiative has the motto "Change through trust" and thus emphasizes the central role of trust in the development of AI. Because only if people have trust in artificial intelligence will they be able to use this technology openly and effectively. Our mission is to unite teachers, professors and schools in German-speaking countries. We are committed to using artificial intelligence as a tool for

Making education and personal development accessible to everyone while promoting ethical, responsible use.

"We need people who trust their own actions, then we have the chance to change the world."

The aim of the alliance is to appeal, connect, build and impart knowledge, but above all to help people better understand and use AI.


Building trustworthy relationships between AI systems and users creates a solid foundation on which innovation and progress can take place. After all, trust is not only important for humans, but also for artificial intelligence.

If we are willing to trust AI and establish clear principles of trust, we can create an educational landscape characterized by innovation, equality of opportunity and individual growth. The transformative power of change through trust should not be underestimated - it has the potential to shape the future of education in a sustainable way.


Our 10-point charter sets out specific building blocks for our mission and provides an important basis for developing trustworthy AI solutions and thus driving change through trust.

1. Universal accessibility

Ensure that AI education is available to all, regardless of age, background or prior knowledge.

2. Curricular integration

The integration of AI into existing curricula and the promotion of innovative teaching methods.

3. Ethics and responsibility

Emphasis on ethical principles and responsible use of AI.

4. Cooperative networking

Strengthening cooperation between educational institutions, industry and AI experts.

5. Promoting innovation and research

Stimulation of innovative teaching methods and research projects in the field of AI.

6. Diversity and inclusion

Ensure that AI education is accessible and inclusive for all.

7. Practice-oriented learning

Focus on application-oriented learning through projects and partnerships.

8. Lifelong learning

Promoting continuous education and lifelong learning in AI.

9. Raising awareness

Raising awareness of the importance and possibilities of AI in society.

10. Community and trust

Building a trusting community that relies on the power of individual action to positively change the world through AI.


Artificial intelligence enables access to extensive data and can analyze it efficiently. However, people's trust in this technology is crucial to its success. Trustworthy AI solutions enable schools and educational institutions to offer premium services and provide optimal support for their students.

One example of the successful use of trustworthy AI in education is the individualization of the learning process. By using algorithms, learning platforms can offer personalized content that is precisely tailored to the needs of each student are tailored to the individual pupil. This enables tailor-made support and supports the individual development of each learner.

Trust in AI is also having an impact in the area of exam preparation. With the help of automated assessment systems, teachers can save time and still achieve objective results. The AI not only analyzes the content of the answers, but also their quality and relevance. This ensures a fair assessment.

Trust in artificial intelligence is thus transforming education from a standardized mass mediation to an individualized and effective learning experience. The Edu-Ai-lliance is committed to further strengthening this trust and driving forward the development of trustworthy AI solutions.

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