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New standards in education through AI


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The "Edu-Ai-lliance" is considered a pioneer for AI education in German-speaking countries. Our vision is clear and powerful: We want to be the driving force that unites education and artificial intelligence in a harmonious symbiosis.

In our community, education, technology and innovation go hand in hand to give everyone unrestricted access to comprehensive knowledge about artificial intelligence.

Our goal is not only to change the educational landscape, but also to broaden the horizons of every individual.

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The mission of the "Edu-Ai-lliance" is to form an educational alliance that unites teachers, professors and schools in German-speaking countries.


We see ourselves as pioneers of comprehensive and inclusive AI education. Our commitment extends to creating an inclusive space in which artificial intelligence is used as a powerful tool for education and personal development.


We are not only committed to access to AI, but also attach particular importance to its ethical and responsible use.

Ethical, Integrative, Accessible

The "Edu-Ai-lliance" is more than just a

Non-profit organization; we are the first educational alliance in the German-speaking region that is passionately committed with heart and mind to an integrative and ethical use of artificial intelligence in education.

Our focus in the "Edu-Ai-lliance" is to promote inclusive and accessible AI education in German-speaking countries.

Our core belief is that through confident and ethical action, each and every one of us has the transformative power to make the world a better place.

Our goal is to give teachers like you the tools they need to use artificial intelligence responsibly in the classroom.

We are a community committed to the harmonious combination of advanced technology and education.

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Contribute and network

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Our platform offers you the opportunity to network with like-minded experts and colleagues, to further your education and to exchange experiences. Together we develop strategies on how AI can be used sensibly in education in order to provide the best possible support to both teachers and students.

Come to our events, be part of our workshops and discussion groups, and contribute valuable experiences and ideas.

"Your participation is key to shaping a future-oriented and ethically sound educational landscape."


Join now and help shape the future


Your expertise and commitment are crucial to the success of our mission. Sign up now and bring your experience to our alliance. Together we can shape the future of education under the sign of artificial intelligence.​

Let us work together to realize inclusive and ethical AI education.


Roger Basler de Roca

Roger Basler de Roca, renowned digital entrepreneur, author and top 100 speaker and trainer, is the creative mind and founding member of our education alliance in German-speaking countries.

He is a lecturer and teacher at various secondary and higher education institutions as well as private schools with a focus on digitalization and artificial intelligence.


For over 25 years, Roger has immersed himself in the world of digital innovation with unbridled passion. His expertise spans a wide range of fields, with artificial intelligence and algorithms being one of his particular preferences.


As an experienced expert in the field of digital entrepreneurship and growth model through educational consulting, Roger brings a unique perspective and dynamism to Edu-Ai-lliance.

"Education is not only the key, but a fundamental building block for shaping the future positively."


Its vision and mission are deeply rooted in the belief that artificial intelligence can be used as a tool for education and personal development to bring about lasting ethical change.


As a founding member of the "Edu-Ai-lliance", Roger is committed to building a community that inspires teachers, lecturers and schools to harness the power of artificial intelligence in education.


His vision for the future goes beyond technology because he firmly believes that a trusting community of individual actions can change the world for the better.

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