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In our Edu-Ai community, we not only follow principles and guidelines, but we also offer exclusive benefits for everyone who wants to join us in a good cause, help shape the future of AI in education and thereby have a valuable influence. Find out more about the benefits, principles and guidelines on this page.

1. Advantages


early information

on new developments, all tools and materials


Network development,

partnerships, promotion,

exchange opportunities, participation in events


concentrated knowledge, access to experts


Image, reputation and visibility


Influence and

shaping, voting rights, (political voice)


Innovation opportunities, participation in projects and working groups


exclusive access and resources


Access to advice and support

2. Our 10 principles

In our 10-point charter we enshrine ten key principles that guide our pursuit of transformative AI education, and each principle reflects our commitment to sustainable and responsible education.

Universal accessibility

We are committed to making AI education accessible to everyone. Regardless of background or location, participation in our education alliance should be unrestricted.

Ethical use of AI

Ethics is at the core of our mission. We are committed to using artificial intelligence responsibly in education and attach the highest importance to ethical principles and standards.

Cooperation between educational institutions and industry

Strengthening cooperation between educational institutions, industry and AI professionals.

Integration into curricula

Integrating AI into curricula is critical to preparing for the digital future. Our community supports the integration of AI into educational programs to best prepare students.

Promoting innovation and research

Innovation and research are the drivers of progress. Our community supports the continuous promotion of innovation and research in the field of AI education.

Diversity and integration

Diversity is our strength. We are committed to inclusive AI education that reflects the diversity of learners and promotes equal opportunities.

Practical orientation

Our community emphasizes the importance of practice-oriented teaching methods. We are committed to imparting AI knowledge through application-oriented approaches.

Lifelong learning

Integrating AI into curricula is critical to preparing for the digital future. Our community supports the integration of AI into educational programs to best prepare students.

awareness raising

Raising awareness about the impact and potential of AI is essential. Our community promotes awareness of AI in society.

Forming a community

The power lies in a strong community. Our community is committed to building a committed and cooperative educational community that faces the challenges of the digital age together.

3. Charter - Principles

1 goal

The world is changing and education is the key to meeting the challenges of tomorrow. Our community serves as a guide to ensure that artificial intelligence is used not just as a tool but as a creator of a positive future. We are committed not only to knowledge acquisition but also to ethics, diversity, practical orientation and lifelong learning.


With the Edu-Ai community, we want to build a committed community that is committed to the further development of education in a digital world.

2. Principle

The members of our community commit to clear principles that reflect the shared understanding of the importance of education in the context of artificial intelligence. These principles include promoting digital skills, understanding technology, promoting digital literacy and recognizing the essential role of digital education in today's society.

3. Responsibilities

As part of the Edu-Ai community, we have a responsibility to actively contribute to the advancement of AI education. This includes providing resources, promoting educational initiatives, collaborating with educational institutions and companies, and continuously developing our own skills and knowledge.

4. Participation

The Edu-Ai community is open to individuals, companies and educational institutions who wish to get involved in promoting education in this field. Joining the community is provided online to enable broad participation and facilitate access for all interested parties.

5. Obligations

By participating in the Edu-Ai community, members commit to respecting the principles of this community and to actively contributing to the promotion of education in the field of artificial intelligence. This includes adhering to the defined principles, supporting educational initiatives and actively participating in the further development of the education sector in the context of AI.

With its 10-point charter, the Edu-Ailliance is committed to an inclusive,

ethical and future-oriented AI education. These values form the basis for sustainable development in the field of education and create a basis for individual

and collective growth.

6. Contact information

If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Contact us to learn more about the Artificial Intelligence education community and get involved.

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