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Making lessons more efficient with Canva

In the digital age, teachers are constantly on the lookout for tools that enrich lessons and reduce preparation time.

Canva, a user-friendly graphic design platform, offers visual aids that significantly increase student attention and are particularly effective at making complex information accessible. Canva offers a wide range of templates and design options that allow teachers to create customized learning content tailored to the students' needs.

Students can also collaborate in real time and work on projects together, which not only promotes teamwork but also strengthens students' digital skills.


Canva is particularly popular because of its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and the variety of templates and design elements. Teachers can create professional- looking presentations, worksheets, posters and much more without much design knowledge.

Another significant advantage of Canva is the ability to integrate feedback directly into the designs. Teachers can leave comments and edits directly in the design, which greatly speeds up the feedback process and improves interactions between teachers and students.

Additionally, Canva allows you to create customized learning materials that cater to the different learning styles and needs of students. This can be done by integrating different media such as text, image, video and audio to create a comprehensive and engaging learning environment. Not only in the classroom, but also when communicating with parents and organizing school events, Canva can be a valuable resource. Teachers can create engaging newsletters, invitations and informational materials with just a few clicks, h e l p i n g to maintain clear and professional communication. With its wide range of design options and ease of use, Canva is an indispensable tool for modern teachers, helping them to save time while enriching lessons.

Canva is also available as a free version as well as an extended Pro version, which offers additional functions.

But there is a special version for all teachers, namely “Canva Education". his version is free and contains elements from the Pro version.

Here you can find more information about Canva Education and which requirements you have to fulfill to get this version.


Canva makes it quick and easy to create visually appealing teaching materials.

Here are some ideas for teachers:

  • Presentations: Appealing slideshows for teaching that simplify complex topics and present them visually.

  • Worksheets: Design individual worksheets that are tailored to the needs of the students.

  • Infographics: Use infographics to clearly present statistical data or time sequences.

  • Posters: Create posters for class projects or as decoration that contain motivational quotes or learning content.

  • Newsletter: Create visually appealing newsletters for parents, teachers or students.

  • Flyers: Use unusual flyers as invitations for parents' evenings or events at the school.


Canva can also be used directly in the classroom to encourage students' creativity. By giving students tasks that they solve with Canva, you not only encourage creativity, but also their IT skills.

For example:

  • Project work: Students can use Canva to design their projects and presentations.

  • Digital storyboards: Create storyboards for books or historical events.

  • Create your own infographics: Have the students research data and present it visually in an infographic.

  • E-books: Instead of traditional essays, students can package their stories directly as e-books.


1. Explore the Canva education community:

Canva offers specialized resources for teachers, including access to numerous templates.

2. Use the Canva Pro version for free:

As a teacher, you can use Canva Pro for free through the „Canva for Education“ program, which provides additional tools and opportunities.

3. Integrate Canva into the curriculum:

Start with small projects and gradually integrate more complex tasks that require the use of Canva.

4. Visit the free course Canva for beginners


Canva is a powerful tool that can help teachers create visually appealing teaching materials and encourage their students' creativity. Thanks to its ease of use and wide range of features, even teachers without any graphic design knowledge can achieve professional results.

The integration of Canva into the school day can therefore be seen as an asset that not only enhances the learning experience of students, but also helps teachers to be more effective and creative in their assignments. It is worth exploring the many possibilities that Canva offers

and use them to adapt teaching to the requirements of an increasingly digitalized society.

Try it out and see how Canva can improve your teaching!


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